Hello, my name is James, my best friend and I noticed that web design was becoming too commercialized; we noticed a lack of interest and quality. Web developers were short changing themselves and generating poor sites and noticed that there wasn’t a one stop shop for all your digital needs. This is when CV Digital Studios was created.

CV Digital Studios is a professional web design and development company where you come first. We make stylish, easy-to-use, easy-to-update websites using the WordPress Content Management System.

We also focus on media production, with social media being a strong market focus we teach and help YOU establish what you need to be successful. We also know that you may want to educate you clients on YOUR new products; therefore we also decided to include additional service such as video production and multimedia setup in your business location along with PC support.

We know you are busy making your business successful; therefore we want to save you time and make your life easier. We keep technology on a human level so that people love your site and can find information easily and when they are in your office, they can be informed on all the benefits you offer through visual knowledge.

With our up-to-date expertise in communications, web standards, design trends, and the latest web and multimedia technologies, we’ll make sure you have a great experience.

We offer friendly, personal, prompt attention along with expert guidance on design, marketing, and technology, providing the best possible customer service to our clients. While other companies claim to provide top-notch customer service, CV Digital Studios will work to actually deliver the kind of service YOU deserve.